Why Qualifying For Timeline Is Important

Okay. So I’ve been in sales best than some of my audience accept been on the planet.

I’ve fabricated bags and bags of prospecting calls, and bags and bags of closing calls.

I teach, train, address books on buzz scripts, and beforehand customized buzz scripts and central sales training programs for sales teams worldwide.

You’d anticipate that I would never get tripped up by or carelessness the fundamentals of sales, right?


Just this morning (April 28, 2017), I was on the buzz with a new anticipation and he was allurement me about my background, my training methods, etc. We had acceptable rapport. He was an entering lead. We absolutely affiliated and he was interested. This was a bang dunk, right?

As we got to the end of the call, I was absolute I’d be accepting on a even in the next brace of weeks to plan with this prospect. And that’s if I asked a condoning catechism that I alone to ask upfront: “What is your timeline for this training?” He told me, “Sometime in the Fall.”

So, afterwards a 1/2 hour on the phone, this alarm went… nowhere. Where did I go wrong? If he asked me what my action was if alive with companies, I should not accept affected he was accessible to go. Instead, I should accept done what I teach: Qualify.

And the aboriginal affair I should accept able for was his coercion to accomplish a decision. By the way, I commonly do this, but because the affinity was so strong, and, again, he was a alarm in lead, I affected he was all set. He wasn’t…

Here are some means to authorize for timeline:

For an entering call, what I should accept done (and will not be absence again!) is ask:

“First off, I about book several months in advance, so let’s allocution about if you charge this training – if aggregate goes able-bodied during your analysis process, if is the soonest you’d like to accept this training delivered to your team?”

If he again told me it was six months off (“in the Fall”), I’d accept accustomed him an abbreviated pitch, and again told him I’d amphitheater about with him in September.

If you are prospecting to set an arrangement or a demo, again the afterward scripts to authorize for timeline are what you use:

“If you like what you see afterwards the demo, what would be the next accomplish on your side?”


“If you anticipate this band-aid is what you’re searching for, what would be your timeline for putting something like this to plan for you?”


“If afterwards the audience this is something you’re absorbed in demography advantage of, could you apparatus this in the next brace of weeks?”

Qualifying for timeline upfront is acute to not alone closing added sales, but aswell to alienated objections at the end like, “I wish to anticipate about it… “

Use any of the scripts above, or carbon them to fit your personality, artefact or service.

Take my chat for it: It’s MUCH bigger to apperceive in beforehand if your anticipation is cerebration of buying.

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